Rebar Ring Making Machine - GF20D-1P/3P

Rebar Ring Making Machine


The Rebar Ring Making Machine, model GF20D-3P, is a powerful and versatile machine designed for creating bar rings. It can bend diameters ranging from 4mm to 16mm with a high bending speed of 1440r/min. The machine is driven by a 2.2kW/3HP motor operating at 415V, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. With its compact weight of approximately 90kg, it is portable and easy to handle.

Specification Value Specification Value
Model No. GF20D Weight 100kg
Voltage 220V/415V Bending Diameter 4-16mm
Bending Speed 1440r/min Motor Power 2.2 kW/3hp
Paddles 2 No's
  • Construction Industry: The Rebar Ring Making Machine is a valuable tool for the construction sector. It is used to create bar rings, which are commonly used for reinforcing concrete structures like columns, beams, and foundations.
  • Precast Concrete Production: In precast concrete manufacturing, the machine is essential for creating bar rings that are used in the production of precast components, ensuring that the reinforcement meets the necessary standards and specifications.
  • Custom Metalwork: Metalwork shops and fabricators use the machine to create custom bar rings for various metal structures. It provides the ability to bend and shape rebar to precise dimensions, making it suitable for metal art and customized metal products.
  • Concrete Formwork: The Rebar Ring Making Machine is used for constructing formwork in concrete applications. Bar rings are often used to support concrete structures during the pouring and curing process.
  • Bridge and Tunnel Construction: The machine is employed in bridge and tunnel construction to create bar rings for reinforcing concrete elements that provide structural stability and durability in these critical infrastructure projects.
  • Rebar Stock Production: Manufacturers of rebar stock utilize the machine to efficiently produce bar rings, which are later used in various construction and infrastructure projects.