Rebar Cutting Machine - GQ40

Rebar Cutting Machine


A Rebar Cutting Machine is a mechanical device used to efficiently and precisely cut metal bars or rods. It consists of a sturdy frame, a powerful motor of 3 kilowatt and frequency of cutting 28 times/min. The machine allows for accurate cutting diameter 32MM, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labour. It is commonly employed in industries such as construction, manufacturing and metalworking.

Specification Value Specification Value
Model GQ40 With Phase loss Preventer Rebar Diameter 6-32mm
Cutting speed 32times/min Motor power 3KW/4.02hp
Input Voltage 380v/415v Motor speed 2800rpm
Blade size 83X83X25mm Weight 380kg
Dimension 1420X440X835mm
  • Construction Projects: Sona's Rebar Cutting Machine is an essential tool for construction projects of all scales. It efficiently and precisely cuts metal bars, enabling the creation of reinforcing structures for building foundations, columns, and other concrete elements. Its powerful 3-kilowatt motor and the ability to cut bars with a 32mm diameter ensure that construction tasks are completed with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure projects, including bridges, roads, and tunnels, often require the use of rebar for added strength. Sona's Rebar Cutting Machine simplifies the process of cutting and shaping rebar to meet the specific requirements of such projects, making it indispensable in infrastructure development.
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication: Sona's Rebar Cutting Machine is a versatile asset for manufacturing and fabrication industries. It facilitates the precise cutting of metal bars, enhancing the production of various components, from machinery parts to custom steel structures. The machine's high cutting frequency of 28 times per minute ensures quick and accurate results.
  • Metalworking Workshops: Metalworking workshops benefit from the reliability and precision of the Rebar Cutting Machine. Whether you're creating intricate metalwork or custom metal pieces, this machine ensures that metal bars are cut to the exact lengths and shapes required for your projects.
  • Concrete Precast Manufacturing: In the production of precast concrete elements, such as beams and columns, the use of rebar is common. Sona's Rebar Cutting Machine plays a pivotal role in the precast industry, ensuring that rebar is cut with precision, contributing to the creation of durable precast concrete components.
  • Demolition and Renovation: During renovation or demolition projects, rebar removal is often necessary. Sona's Rebar Cutting Machine simplifies the process of cutting and removing existing rebar, allowing for efficient remodeling and renovation while minimizing material waste.